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Tandem Jump Program

The Tandem Jump is a training jump. You experience all the exhilaration of skydiving, secure in the knowing that a trained instructor is harnessed snugly at your back. It is similar to taking a flying lesson; the instructor sits beside while you get hands-on experience. Our skydive instructors average well over 1000 jumps and have completed certification courses on the highly reliable Tandem Parachute System.

Upon arrival at Skydive Phoenix Inc, you watch a comprehensive videotape detailing your Tandem Jump experience. Then, with your assigned instructor, you learn about the high performance square gliding parachutes, practice exits from the aircraft, and go over freefall procedures.

After their Jump

Next, you and your instructor board the aircraft for the short ride to the jump altitude. Prior to exiting the aircraft, you move in front of the instructor where the harness is attached at four points, two at your shoulders and two at your waist. After exiting the aircraft, you freefall face to earth at 120 m.p.h. for approximately 50 seconds. The main parachute billows open at 4500'.

After the parachute opens, you have a 4-minute canopy ride, during which time your instructor assists you in steering the parachute toward the landing area. The high performance square gliding parachute lands much like an aircraft, flaring to a soft landing. After landing, your instructor debriefs you on the jump, answers any questions, and presents you with a certificate as proof of your accomplishments.

For a nominal fee our freefall cameraperson will videotape the entire experience. The videotape includes frames of you on the ground, in the aircraft, as well as close-up pictures during freefall. The cameraperson will also captures your landing and comments after the jump (the package also includes 24 to 36 color photographs).

In order to do a Tandem Jump you must be at least 18 years old and weigh no more than 230 lbs. Please contact Skydive Phoenix Inc if you weigh more 230lbs.

Contact Skydive Phoenix Inc at 480.557.JUMP (5867) to schedule an appointment. Our pricing information is available online or call for our latest specials.

Tandem Jumps are made in street clothes and tennis shoes, we supply a jumpsuit and goggles. The training and jump can be completed in as little as 4 hours, but allow extra time for inclement weather or other variables.

During your Tandem Jump, you experience all aspects of this extreme sport! If you decide this sport is right for you, then one of our Accelerated Skydiving Programs is the next step.


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